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What an exciting year this is turning out to be. Does a black and red Adenium catch your attention? How about 15 more brand new ones that are just as incredible, and for some, more so than other. Purples, Yellows, and Burgundies, just to name a few.

The face of Plumeria has taken on a whole new look. Kicking 2009 off with 2 brand new variegated varieties, and at half the price you could find them for, (if you were lucky), a year ago.
We hope to add a couple more of these, but if you like what you see, grab them now, as they're extremely limited.

The State of the Bulbs Address

If you've been a customer for more than a  year, you probably look forward to our annual bulb sale, around mid June. Due to our participation in several local markets, fairs, and horticultural shows, many of this years excess bulbs will be potted up prior to June 1st. If there's a must have bulb or rhizome on your wish list this year, don't wait. Grab them while they're still available. Thai Caladiums are already running very low.

Happy Gardening to all.

Chris & Gretchen



Fresh Treasures
Adenium Trivius
Euphorbia Tangerine
Euphorbia Lactea
Adenium Ciello
Adenium Red Wagon